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Frequently Asked Questions

The Villa has a locking cabinet in the kitchen for Laptops, Cameras, iPods, cash and other valuables. Please be discreet with your valuables and do not leave cash in plain sight. Please don’t tempt your neighbours or our staff. Your pocket change is often more than a weeks wages in Nicaragua.

Internet Access
Villa Carmen and Palermo Hotel and Resort have a free WIFI network with a separate Router for each Villa and the pool, patio and restaurant area. Please select the network with the strongest signal and ask the front desk for the password to connect to the appropriate network.

Electrical Power
Electricity is very expensive in Nicaragua. In fact the cost of electricity is approximately 4 times the cost in Canada! So we ask our guests to be conservation minded and turn off the Air Conditioning when not in the Villa and turn off lights, ceiling fans and other appliances when not needed.
Power outages are rare now and usually short in duration. Unfortunately flashlights we have left in the kitchen drawer in the past have been taken by quests. So we ask people going down to stay at Villa Carmen to bring a flashlight with them.
Backup generators serve the restaurant , front desk and the security office, and you are encouraged to contact either the front desk or any security staff if you have any needs during an outage. Security Guards continue to patrol the resort during a power outage and the front desk may know how long the power will be out.
Each villa has it’s own electric meter and guests will be billed for the electricity that they use. When we are there we use the ceiling fans, lights, hot water, fridge, stove and oven but we do not use the Air Conditioning and the average cost of electricity is $3.50 per day. If you use the A/C thoughtfully and generally conserve  you could spend  $5 to $10 per day.  If you do not conserve you could spend up to $15 per day.

Also we have installed a battery backup system in our Villa.  This allows our guests to continue to use the internet, lights , TV, fans and  fridge, in the event of a power outage.

Nicaragua is blessed with abundant water resources. (Lake Nicaragua is the largest fresh water lake in the Americas!)
It is the delivery costs that are expensive. The Resort gets its water from deep wells in the fields below the resort. The water is then pumped uphill to large holding tanks above the Resort and it is then gravity fed to each individual Villa. This water is not treated and you may prefer to drink and cook with bottled water. Purified bottled (20litre) water and dispensers and bags of purified ice are available from the front desk and can be charged to your restaurant tab.
Hot water is provided by an electric demand hotwater heater. Because of the calcium in the water sometimes there may be deposits that clog the shower head or kitchen or bathroom taps. This may affect the flow at the shower head or taps and the performance of the heater which depends on flow to activate. Should you have any issues just contact the front desk and maintance staff will clean out the affected showerhead or tap.

Fruit trees and Flowers
Please enjoy all of the lush , fragrant vegetation on the grounds including picking a fresh lime for your favorite drink!

There are many insects that live in the jungle in Nicaragua. Some may find their way into the Villa. Please do not attract them by leaving crumbs on the tables or kitchen counter. It is remarkable how quickly they can find any food left out. It is good practice to check your shoes and sheets for ants and scorpions.

Telephones are available for rent from the front desk. Ask at the front desk about details. If you have a Nicaraguan or international cell phone to use, there is good reception throughout the resort grounds as well as in the town of San Juan Del Sur. All hotel staff carry radios or phones and can help you arrange a ride to town .
Nicaraguan cell phones can be purchased in town for about $25.00 us, plus a small fee for buying minutes. Calls from Nicaragua to Canada or the U.S. are about the same cost as local calls with a Nicaraguan Cell Phone. This is usually a cheaper option than using your Canadian or U.S. phone down here.
Many U.S. phones may also be outfitted with a Nicaraguan chip. Movistar uses GSM 850 MHZ and Enitel/Claro uses GSM 1900 MHZ frequencies. The country code for Nicaragua is 505 and local numbers have 8 digits.

Terraza de Palermo is located in the clubhouse beside the pool at Villas De Palermo. The restaurant and bar offer room service and are open from 8 am to 10pm. All food is prepared from local ingredients and is prepared fresh daily!
You can place a room service order by phone, email or by iPhone app.


House Rules

No smoking

Not suitable for pets

No parties or events

11PM Quiet Time

Check in time is 2PM – 9PM

Villa Carmen is our second home and we expect our guests to treat our home with the same care and attention as their own. We also expect our guests to treat the staff here with respect. They are honest and hard working and we appreciate the work they do.