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Local Activities


Leave your wetsuit at you home! Offshore breezes and warm waves are Nicaraguaís best natural resource. Nicaraguaís Pacific coastline year-round hosts world class surf, warm water and spacious beaches. The ISA World Masters surf competition recently held on our coast proves the quality of the local breaks.
Whether youíre just starting out or looking to sharpen your skills Villas de Palermo has a surf package for your skill level!

If you are a beginner surfer and have always wanted to learn how to surf or intermediate and want a local guide to provide technical tips and point out local safety hazards, we guarantee a package tailor-made to your liking and guarantee the ride of your life. We can also book you a surf photographer for the day to capture your memories.

Check with reception and our conceige to arrange the perfect Surfing experience!


There are many oportunities for you to practice Yoga in San Juan Del Sur. One of the best yoga studios is Zen Yoga,
They offer a range of classes to suit every taste. You could also check with our concierge to see if they have any classes scheduled at Palermo Hotel and Resort.

Horseback Riding

If Horses are your thing you are in for a treat! Rancho Chilamate is a one stop ranch for all kinds of riding adventures, and to top it off, “Blue”,
is a professional photographer and she will capture your special memories for you as you enjoy those special moments.

Check out


Da Flying Frog is our local zipline adventure park, which is within walking distance of Villa Carmen. Here you can enjoy the thrill of ziplining through this coastal jungle in the capable hands of their skilled staff.

Check out


Fishing, snorkelling, or cruising the beautiful coastline is something every visitor should try. can help you arrange the perfect charter.

Or discuss your wishes with our concierge and he can help make it happen.


Ahhh! the feeling of freedom of moving along this spectacular coastline being propelled by the wind! One sailing charter company you can check out is

Again our conceige would be a good resource as well for booking a memorable sailing trip.


There are numerous hikes availble right from the doorstep of Villa Carmen!

1. By following the road the zipline company uses to access the top of the Zipline, you get right on top of the ridge behind Villa Carmen, with a spectacular view of the Palermo Ranch and the town of San Juan Del Sur and the beautiful Bay!

2. You can walk from Villa Carmen through the Palermo Ranch then through the development called “pacific Marlin” up to the view point with the large statue of Jesus, (110 feet), called “Cristo de la Misericordia”
Check out the youtube video below.

3. There are numerous beaches to the north and the south and our favorites are Maragual to the north and Playa Coco and Playa Flor to the south. There is something very magical about the beaches in this region. They are pristine and wild and usually not busy.
You will love them!

This of course is just a taste. There are many opportunities to explore the natural environment in the region, if you have specific questions I will try to answer them or find someone who can answer them.


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